Friday, 31 October 2014

RYO - " Roll Your Own "......

Now Just Roll Your Own Herbal Cigarettes with Bigarette & Co. 

" RYO "........ 

RYO - 40 gram. Pouch

Containing Bigarette & Co. Certified Herbs

100 % Herbal(No Nicotine - No Tobacco)

Roll-your-own (also called RYOMYOrolliesroll-upshand-rolled cigarettes, or simply rolls) refer to cigarettes made from loose Herbal Mixture and rolling paper. Our Roll-your-own products are sold in 40 gram. pouches. Loose filters are available for purchase and can be added to the rolled cigarettes. Some people use a machine to assist them and some people use pre-rolled cones or cigarette tubes.
Hand-rolled cigarettes give smokers the ability to roll cigarettes of any diameter, thereby varying the strength of the cigarette. Technological aids—from hand injectors to large in-store machines—aid in the process.
In the INDIA, the Bigarette & Co. are the only Manufacturer & Exporter of Herbal RYO (Roll Your Own) which comes in 40 gram. Pouches. Each Box contain 5 pouches. The cost of 1 box is US $ 20 if the pouch contains Natural flavor RYO and the cost of 1 box is US $ 25 if the pouch contain flavored RYO.
In Bigarette & Co. RYO, the level of NICOTINE is Zero Percent (0%) and the herbs have the power to reduce the addiction of daily tobacco smokers, it helps to clean throat, provide beneficial effects in respiratory and digestive system, as these herbs are certified herbs.